Luna's Updates

January 2012
Wow, Luna is a daily joy for everyone around her. As with all German Shepherds she is super attentive and keeps a watchful eye on all those around us, but she is friendly and easygoing at all times. Still to this day Luna has only growled a few times when someone has come from an odd corner or I inadvertantly gave a queue by looking concerned at a bypasser. From her window in the top of the house Luna watches the driveway and people walking past with only interest, and rarely anxiety. Like the ducks to the right, Luna is more content to watch and understand that pursue and catch...most of the time. When Luna was little she always loved to chase birds, and often I would see her in the yard chasing birds and leaping to the air wondering why she could not catch them.

For all the time we spend together, Luna has something new and exciting each and every day to teach us both.

Luna was recently visited by a vet to update her shots. Most people are oblivious to their dog not really enjoying the trip to the vet, but I paid attention and a few weeks ago met the mobile Vet Waggin. This one stop vet was next door and I happned to see, then call and get an appointment right away. No trip to the vet or problem with the day, instead just a walk to the front yard and some time in the waggin with the doc. Luna was first a little cautious, but then jumped in and was a good patient! Interested in a good vet who comes to you in Lexington KY? Try

2011 was filled with excitement, from Luna learning how to swim, to dozens of short and long trips in the area and beyond. While in the country Luna learned she loved being in the woods and dives though trees and brush like they are nothing. Luna has also swam in all sorts of conditions, and loves the water. Throw the fabulous floating frisbee and she will be ther ein an instant. At one point this year we were walking on lake michigan's shore and I threw the frisbee and the wind took it right out. Luna did not hesitate and dove to the water, grabbed the frisbee and came out. When she is thirsty in the water she always drops the frisbee and steps on it. After all, she doesn't want it to get away.