Luna the White German Shepherd

Luna joined the family on September 4th 2010. She has many fun adventures as she grows up and visits as many people as she can. Luna is now almost full grown but plays daily and enjoys so many different fun activities!

Luna is an AKC registered White German Shepherd purchased from a great breeder in Amelia Ohio. The breeder runs a family hobby and business and not a "puppy farm" and their puppies were amazingly well cared for and very social. 

As a White German Shepherd many people do not recognize Luna's breed. White is not considered a desirable color for German Shepherds in the AKC, however they are fully recognized and can be confirmed. In spite of some propaganda, the White Shepherd's traits are equivalent to other colors and these dogs make great pets for those who have the time and patience to work with them. Shepherds as a whole are always curious, ever attentive, and can be the best pet (in my opinion) of any dog.

Luna is the 4th White Shepherd I have raised from a puppy and the 6th German Shepherd I have raised and trained. Although I am not a professional trainer I have trained animals since I was 19 and raised Toy Poodles, American Eskimo's, German Shepherds and rescues over the past 30 years. My last Shepard, Magic, died last year of old age and Luna has become a new member of the family.

Luna is my constant shadow when I am at home, always looking for something fun to do, or time to take a nap close.