A little sleep…

Gotta say first that little Pepper is doing great with her sleep. Why great? She slept through thunderstorms. That is an amazing feat for many dogs, and it makes me happy that she is not afraid.

It is interesting the amount of rest dogs get compared to people. We sleep between 33% to 25% of our day away if we are normal. This is 6 to 8 hours. Dogs can sleep considerably more. Sometimes 50% or more, which is 12 or more hours a day.

We need to be mindful and help them along but realize they may tucker out from time to time. Puppies need time to rest and reset, and most dogs need time to just relax. I think most people do as well, they just don’t do it.

Pepper is sleeping about 11-12 hours a day at this time, and she is napping a little in between where she is awake, but just chilling, waiting for someone to move. Not a bad life, right?