There is a tried and true statement anyone getting a puppy of any type should know: Puppies bite.

Now, I hope you know this but they are not out to hurt, destroy, maim, or cause any issue. They just address the world around them with what they have, that incudes their amazing senses, their keen intellect, and their paws and teeth.

Always curious

To stop biting on anything is an exercise in patience. It will not happen overnight and instead will be a series of reinforcements to control or at least guide the behavior. I am big on redirecting, and when a puppy starts biting, I give them a toy instead. Over time this creates the good and bad while I work with them on bite pressure and being more patient. The best part of a dog is their near insatiable curiosity; we do not want to curtail that. We just need them to understand we are not chew toys.

This is also another situation where you have to realize that consistency is everything. My hands have thick callouses from swinging an ax. When puppies bite me, I rarely feel it. Suppose I allow it though it is acceptable for everyone, including those who are not so grizzled. I find that sometimes people roughhouse with their dogs and then wonder why the dog roughhouses with company or others. We have just validated it is ok to do this. You can’t have it both ways.

Just remember not to be negative, and be patient always and things will get better each day.