Welcome Home Pepper

On 8-21-2022 it was Peppers time to be here. She found her way into our home for an adventure that would mold her, and of course change us with her impact. Pepper found her way from right outside Pontiac Michigan from Von Hanabrit German Shepherds. The Kennel owners were obvious caring individuals and bred German Shepherds for their amazing attributes. Take some time to look over their site, it is older, but it has a lot of good information on it.

I have to start this journey with a horrible picture. This was a big decision post-Luna and all of the other German Shepherds I have trained and owned. For many years I have considered building a kennel that was not like all the others I have seen. Most are dirty, disorganized, or a small thought to a big responsibility. The breeders I bough Luna from were very positive and amazing individuals. So are the people at Hanabrit. Eventually I will try to build a more comprehensive list that is not for profit. I digress.

Judy from Hanabrit allowed me to spend time with the 3 remaining young ladies who were ready to find a home. My process has worked with Shepherds, American Eskimos, Poodles, and volunteering at shelters. I simply sit inside with animals and interact.

Each of the 3 had positives to be sure. One was an Alpha and wanted to be the center of attention. One was off to the side a little and was cute but not interested. The third, Pepper, was different.

I wish I had spent time documenting all the moments with Luna, I did quite a bit but was paying attention to training and playing with her as much as writing. I hope I can be more effective with Pepper. Peppers demeanor focused on watching. The Alpha wanted to be the center of attention always. The other puppy waiting for their turn, but did not pay as much attention. Pepper watched and when the time was right moved up, interacted, and seemed to learn. If you have ever had a puppy you will know that personality changes as the puppy enters a home based upon the core temperament of the animal, and based upon the owners, the owners ability, and the owners emotions. (I will explain that someday)

I spent time and little not quite pepper yet kept coming back when I was left alone and only stopped to become a landshark and devour the evening dinner, yum. I decided she was the one I would pick if I weighed the other items and thanked Hanabrit for their wonderful hospitality. I had multiple things to consider.

If you are thinking about getting an animal you really need to think about it. I have training a variety of dogs (and even cats, birds, rabbits, and fish) and still will consider any new animal brought into the house. If you are thinking about getting a German Shepherd do some research first. I consider them the best dogs on the face of the planet, but they are not. For every situation a dog may be better suited, it is why the breeds were created from breeder selection to develop specific traits. I am a firm believer that there are no (as in zero) bad dogs and it is the situation and owner that creates bad dogs. As you consider a dog, consider the breed, the level of commitment necessary, the space necessary, the impact on you, and most importantly the impact on the dog. DO NOT feel that they are along for the ride and will do as you say, it is a recipe for disaster and I have a story about that that is terrifying.

I left, had dinner, talked to people, then talked to Dana for a while. Our lives would change, we would have new items to consider, and our cat would be impacted as well. (She thinks she is a dog so it didn’t matter much to her) I went back to the hotel, stayed up most of the night, and made a decision the next morning. IT was time.

Before meeting with Hanabrit I had some shopping to do. I was 3 hours from home and needed to make sure the trip was ok. My initial purchases were:

  • A Small water bowl – dogs need to drink. Leaving them thirsty is as bad as leaving you thirsty.
  • A pad for the seat – I would not be belting a newer puppy, they have enough anxiety.
  • 3 Toys – Including a rope and 2 stuffed toys to allow for interaction along the way.
  • Several drinks for me – I would not be as mobile as I usually was when my family was with me, as such I might be limited on my interaction.

I cleaned up and headed there. An adventure will follow….