What’s in a name?

I find names to be quite interesting with dogs. I have named a lot of them over the years. When we bred poodles when I was younger I named every puppy. This of course formed an attachment but also made every day fun. Over time I had to come up with more interesting names because I was running out of names. So Super Puppy and others that followed had more whimsical names.

When I moved out and got my first puppy that was my responsibility I realized that dogs often named themselves. Either by look or action you can pick a dogs name easily after waiting. So I did so and my first puppy became “Candy” as she smelled candy easily and acted like she wanted some. (I do not give dogs Candy)

Satin was next, my first full blooded German Shepherd. Satin was also the only GSD I attack trained. She was a constant companion and at the time I was always happy with her. She got her name from the how she liked to rub against me and the Satin feel of her coat.

So it went. Max was always at the maximum and thought he owned the world. Muffin attacked my girlfriends Banana Nut Muffin on the first day. Shiva destroyed her box on her first day. There have been many more.

Pepper was based on looks, but as Pepper came home it was obvious that she was a Pepper. She is highly intelligent and watches often. She also loves to bolt. She waits when off lead and gets some distance then runs like crazy for pure fun. Pepper it is, and Pepper will lead the way.